Y. Davletkaliyevа1, B. Muldasheva2, N. Kibatayeva1, B. Kulbayeva3

1Branch of JSC "National Centre of professional development "Orleu" Institute for professional development of teachers for Aktobe region (KAZAKHSTAN)
2Chromtau Miningand Technical College (KAZAKHSTAN)
3Aktobe University named after. S. Baishev (KAZAKHSTAN)
This article presents data based on the results of academic and teaching research, the goal of which is the development and practical testing of criteria-based assessment, contributing to the improvement of teaching and learning processes in school. The subject of the research is the content and organization of criteria-based assessment. We have used theoretical and empirical research methods.

In the course of research have been developed: the criteria for of educational achievements of students on the subject of chemistry, recommendations have been made for teachers in preparation of assessment criteria and carrying out of self- reflection as feedback, conclusions about the significance of criteria-based assessment for teaching and learning have been made. Results of research can be used in educational practice of comprehensive secondary school, in the system of teachers’ professional development. As a result of research conducted, it has been found out that criteria-based assessment allows effectively impact on the development of teaching and learning process. This is reflected in the change of the nature and content of teacher’s and student’s activity in class. The teacher is involved in the process of assessment development from the moment of goal setting until getting the result, the ability to help students in the achievement of results is developed. The student learns to reliably estimate, motivation for learning is increased, cognitive interest and communication skills are developed, self-esteem is raised and consequently the quality of knowledge is improved.