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The idea starts when we need to work with some simple tools for practical application of engineering subjects. It also looked for an approach within possible, self-taught; that students could solve the problems using the methods that each teacher could apply and they can make verification of results by themselves, while they could raise different solutions to the problem.

To do this, the idea would be to solve practical problems which need both the theory and the analysis of real cases that they were going to do. The intention is to reinforce learning through teaching techniques inspired on problems and self-evaluation. To achieve these objectives would be necessary to combine learning guided by the teacher, personal guided work of students and group work.

The objective on Education should be, in addition to the transmission of knowledge, to enable students reflect and get critical and analytical ability. Another reason that has led us to propose this project is the high use of technical software, which in many cases we don´t have control about the solutions.

We have put together several simple spreadsheets (all free to use, some original, and the rest from different authors), to make a simple software using Excel© to provide students a testing tools, simple to use but effectively, while allowing them to self-evaluation their work.