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J. Davies, E. Sigalet

Sidra Medical and Research Center (QATAR)
Sidra Medical and Research Center is a groundbreaking hospital, research and education institution, based in Doha, Qatar, that will focus on the health and wellbeing of women and children regionally and globally. Sidra will be a fully digital facility hospital and will initially have around 400 beds with infrastructure to enable expansion to 550 beds in a subsequent phase.

Sidra will have a unique working structure with inter-professional collaboration at the heart, providing the best holistic care for patients and an unparalleled learning environment for its medical professionals. Sidra will combine the best in design, technology, operations and practices from medical centers around the world - to offer its employees an environment that is at once familiar and extraordinary.
As part of that effort, Sidra is building a clinical simulation center (CSC) that will be used to support and train many of Sidra’s 4,000 clinical and non clinical staff members. The CSC will use a full array of technology in its orientation and ongoing professional development program, including web-based learning, gaming and virtual reality, and high fidelity simulation scenarios. The 14,000 square foot facility will have full-scale simulation rooms, task training rooms, classrooms and debriefing rooms.
This presentation will include the plans for the simulation centre and the work that the Sidra team is doing in building the simulation programs for the mass onboarding of staff into a Greenfield hospital. Part of this work is the development of education programs which are currently being developed and piloted in another unique program of work. We have built collaborative partnerships with local affiliates such as Weill Cornell University (medical school), the university of Calgary (nursing school) and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC-local public hospital) so that we can pilot our scenarios within their centers and at the same time build a capacity of simulation resources and develop instructors within the region. This has included introducing simulation to clinical educators from these institutes through a simulation foundation workshop.

This presentation will highlight the work that is currently in progress to develop Sidras simulation program but also highlight how by doing this we are working towards developing simulation in the region of Qatar through our collaborative efforts. This is allowing for centers such as HMC to begin simulation programs insitu and expand our simulation resources across the region. By working together we are building a way to integrate simulation into academic and hospital based education programs. We will discuss how we plan to collect data on individual performance, team work behaviors and systems during piloting and opening of a Greenfield hospital.