C-DAC is the premier national research and development organization under DIT (Department of Information Technology), MCIT (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology), Government of India established in 1988 to explore India’s supercomputing capabilities. C-DAC's HPC (High Performance Computing) programmes are focused towards creating an eco-system to derive full benefits from HPC systems to address grand challenge problems and advancing Fundamental Science, Research and Industrial competitiveness.

C-DAC takes initiative to develop a nationwide HPC community by establishment of cost effective, easy to use State-of-the-Art Centre of Excellence in High Performance Computing for Capacity & Capability Building and High End Computational Research at educational institutions. These HPC infrastructure can be provided with an user access to other institutions at very affordable processing cost for advancing in multicore programming & parallel systems. The technology exchange programmes with C-DAC helps in creating a HPC user community which is helpful in nations socio-economic development eventually. The HPC educational efforts is focused towards students – undergraduate, graduate & post graduate who can be educated in computational science techniques, thereby positioning them for careers in cutting edge science & technology and faculty whose research can be improved via effective use of HPC technologies.