A. Das, G. Misra, S. Das, N. Kurkure

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (INDIA)
C-DAC is the premier research and development organization under DIT (Department of Information Technology), MCIT (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology), Government of India established in 1988 to explore India’s supercomputing capabilities. C-DAC's HPC programmes are focused towards creating an eco-system to derive full benefits from HPC systems to address grand challenge problems and advancing Fundamental Science, Research and Industrial competitiveness. C-DAC aims to make India a global technology leader in high performance computing and is dedicated to making HPC a tool to increase the competitiveness of Indian institutions and manpower worldwide. To achieve this goal C-DAC is focusing on strengthening HPC usage at the grass root level. Today's innovative engineering students are the ones who will be responsible for tomorrow’s technological developments. Awareness programmes on High Performance Computing and its potential benefits in the academic & engineering segment through conducting National Symposiums on “HPC in Academia and Beyond” state wise and the technological sessions by expert speakers in various Scientific & Engineering disciplines will provide a perfect incubation platform for the faculties, students, engineers and PhD researchers to gain knowledge in advance research using HPC and compete at a global level. The establishment of High Performance Computing Systems at universities and colleges shall help in capacity building and act as an Advanced Computational Research Centres for the engineering & academic programs which will address & catalyse the impact of high quality engineering education and high-end computational work for the research community. It will also promote research and teaching by integrating leading edge, high performance computing and visualization for the faculties, students, graduate and post graduates of the institutes and will provide solutions to many of our most pressing national challenges. HPC will enable faculty and students in various scientific and all engineering disciplines to exploit the benefits of advanced computing & parallel processing. The goal to stimulate large-scale national discourses to accelerate adoption of educational tools and curriculum that reflect increasing role of high performance computational methods in engineering and science can be achieved. C-DAC’s indigenously developed Open Source based HPC cluster solution called “ONAMA” - an integrated package comprising of a judiciously selected set of parallel and serial applications and libraries across various scientific and engineering disciplines such as Information Technology, Computer Science, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, Electrical, Chemical, Aerospace and Civil will create HPC culture amongst students. This shall open a new door for employable opportunities in HPC and will cater to the increasing demand for skilled professionals in High Performance Computing field. Aspiring students with HPC skillsets will be able to pursue careers in advanced computing field and meet the industry expectations.