P. Cullen, L. Marinelli

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Delta (ARGENTINA)
The speeding up of technological changes in an unequal and fragmented society is taking place, in the middle of the social and political scene, the idea that the comprehensive training of those students who aspire to be engineers is a problem of high technical complexity, whose solution is crucial. For that training, it is necessary to give students, by means of including Physics in the syllabus, the tools to have the power to distinguish spaces of research and of involuntary reception of information so as to walk advance using critical awareness and cultural independence. In this work it is presented the didactic setting out of the activities carried out in the Physics laboratory in the engineering degree courses, which give the students tools to look for and to process information, using the correct appropriateness criteria, and also to be able to analyze, reject, value, select and apply their knowledge in different contexts.