M. Cuenca Torres1, J.V. Izquierdo Soriano1, J. Cuenca Torres2, S. Gomis Baldovi1, A. Guerrero Espejo1

1La Ribera Universitary Hospital (SPAIN)
2Prosodie Iiberica SLU (SPAIN)
The Universitary Hospital of la Ribera (HULR) is a sanitary centre accredited as Universitary since 2007. The teaching activity carried out is: first and second degree practical teaching, third universitary degree teaching, specialized education (resident teaching) and continuous education to professionals (internal education).

Describing the learning activity in HULR in 2010.

Material and methods:
Observational retrospective descriptive Studies of the carried out activity in HULR in 2010.
HULR is a Public Hospital with private management settled down in the city of Alzira (Valencia), which treats an approximate population of 250.000 people and whose staff is constituted by 1875 professionals.
To describe the teaching activity it was considered:
• For first and second degree teaching: number of students that have done their practical formation in HULR and the number of associated teachers in practices (PAAP).
• For third degree teaching: the number of professionals that have completed their doctorate studies and the number of teachers who have participated in teaching or directing end of thesis/master doctoral works.
• To the specialists teaching: the number of residents formed.
• For continuous teaching: the number of formative activities done in the Institution and the number of students who have done them.

• The number of students who did their degree practices was: 437. 23% were taking a degree in Medicine, and 77% came from Nursery, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy.
• The total number of PAAP was 73 professors, 25 of them responsible for Nursery, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy, and 48 PAAP responsible for Medicine students.
• Nowadays, 40 students are completing their doctorate studies and 35 professionals are participating in their teaching.
• The total number of residents in 2010 was 58 Doctors/Pharmacists.
• The internal education meant in 2010 an activity of 182 educational actions done, and 6854 students taught.

In Universitary Hospitals, teaching activity adds to the researching and welfare activity, involving a high volume of activity.