M. Cuenca Torres1, J.V. Izquierdo Soriano1, J. Cuenca Torres2, I. Valenciano Moreno1, A. Guerrero Espejo1

1La Ribera Universitary Hospital (SPAIN)
2Prosodie Iberica SLU (SPAIN)
In May 2004, first residents are incorporated to La Ribera Health Department in Comunidad Valenciana and to his reference hospital, La Ribera Universitary Hospital.
One of the main characteristics included in its Teaching Plan is the importance and facilities that residents receive in research materia, considering desirable that during their learning process they make studies to obtain Doctor’s title.

Value the results of the cooperation with an University to ease the third degree Studies in residents.

Material and methods:
Since 2004, the institution which manages de Sanitary Department established cooperation agreements with Valencian Universities, for the third degree learning.
Referring to the learning phase (Master), 21 out of 30 credits are taught by doctors belonging to the Institution at the Hospital adjusting to the characteristics of the residents (duties, rotational, etc…) and being recognized by the University Commission.
The rest of the credits , 9, are taught by the University.
Referring to the research phase, destined to the obtention of the final Master/thesis work, is provided that the research work director will be a doctor of the Institution, always online by the University tutor. This involves that the whole 30 research credits are developed at the Hospital.

The majority of residents , 45 out of 78 which started the residence, participated in the third degree learning; 535 (24 de 45) have now completed their phase of teaching and obtained his master's degree, two of them have actually read the doctoral thesis

The results obtained show the effectiveness of providing the third degree learning at the Institution where the resident does the teaching due to obtain the speciality in the first year of the residence.