Laboratory work is a key factor in engineering education, being necessary for the students to attend laboratory practices in order to face actual equipment and understand its particularities. Nevertheless, the last circumstances around the Covid-19 have forced to change from face-to-face to remote learning. In this way, online resources have turned into essential. To overcome this problem, the present work shows the teaching methodology used to adapt a particular laboratory practice taught in the thermal machines subject, which is framed in the Degree of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Jaén. The conventional work consists of running a small turbojet in the laboratory, measuring some responses, and analyzing the obtained results in the lab according to the steps described in the practice manual. Additional results are obtained from a model developed using a spreadsheet. The adaptation to remote learning involves viewing two videos, which explain how to perform the experiment, how to develop the mathematical model via the spreadsheet, and how to analyze the results obtained. The implemented methodology has allowed the students to complete the laboratory practice from home without losing any information and understanding all the steps involved in the experience.