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P. Cruz-García1, B. García-Cárceles1, R. Martí2, J.M. Pastor1, J. Villagrasa3

1Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia (SPAIN)
2IES Cid Campeador of Valencia (SPAIN)
3EDEM Centro Universitario (SPAIN)
This article presents a motivating and participative tool for students who belong to different levels of education and that somehow are related to the economic field. More particularly, this work proposes the utilization of a classic tool, the Blog, though taking it beyond the scope of a mere classroom or institution to the whole education community. Thus, leaded by a well-recognized entity: the Faculty of Economics of University of Valencia, this paper describes the process whereby this tool may connect university faculty members, high school professors, undergraduate students, high school students and general population in a framework of discussion and exchange of ideas about relevant and recent economic topics.

In addition, it is provided a simulation of the participation of high school students of different courses analysing its motivation, grades and quality of their contribution. To do so, we supply a rubric with the aim to generate standardized assessments and establish a system to incentive their participation.

The results of this work give evidence to support the success of this activity highlighting:
1) its benefits to be a channel of interaction with potential students for the Faculty of Economics;
2) its capability to create positive synergies and frameworks for dialogue about theoretical concepts (learned in classroom) and the economic reality between individuals with different educational levels and origin; and
3) its achievement for motivating and incentivizing secondary educational level students and undergraduate students about subjects related to economics, finance and business.