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A. Crisan, L. Crisan

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (ROMANIA)
The responsibility of the educational process quality is, first of all, the task of the teacher. Constant concern for continuous improvement of teaching involves, among other things, listening to the voice of students, who are subject to influences educational, but also as stakeholders in the learning process.

This study is based upon an analysis of needs carried out using a questionnaire applied to students that intends to identify sticking points that need to be rethought and redesigned at a particular course, on the following dimensions: performance of teachers, the content taught, teaching-learning strategies and evaluation. While we have identified several areas for improvement, on all dimensions, this paper only addresses to the evaluation process.

The paper aims to approach the evaluation design in a unique manner, innovative, using a suite of methods, techniques and tools taken from project management and quality management applied within the course “Techniques and Tools of Quality Engineering" , held in a master's degree program in Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.