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A. Crisan, L. Crisan

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (ROMANIA)
The communication competences represent a transversal competences sine-qua-non category, in no matter what activity, no matter of its specific and complexity.

In a world in which the communication is same meaning with existence the universities through their educational programs offer must create for the students the opportunity of gaining together the specific competences of the specialization domain general/transversal competences.

In this context the present paper propose a possible approach of the didactic activities focused on the development of the communication competences in the frame of a technical particular discipline being this way out of the traditional patterns.

The applied research was conducted during 2 years between 2013 and 2015 inside Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. In ascertaining stage a diagnostic of the learning process was realized by analysing the curricular documents of the discipline, direct observation and survey through questionnaires applied to the students.

The records determined the launching of a program for spreading the didactic strategies following two dimensions. The first target the developing of specific and transversal competences directly connected with the interactive character growth of the teaching-learning through the inserting of the new methods based on action and interaction and case study.

The second one aims to change evaluation forms by inserting near the final evaluation of the continuous one at the end of each lecture (the technique I Know – I Want to Know – I learned, essay of 5 minutes) and by the inserting of the alternative forms of evaluation realized through case studies (as a method of multiple valences: learning and evaluation) simulation, projects.

After the implementation of the program the re-evaluation of the teaching – learning – evaluation was realized for the purpose of identification of the achieved progresses and of the area that request new improvements.