C. Costa-Lobo1, M. Formosinho1, P. Morais1, C. Gomes1, J. Menezes2, N. Jesus-Silva1, A. Campina1

1Universidade Portucalense (PORTUGAL)
2UNIFACS & Faculdade Social da Bahia (BRAZIL)
Corporate Social Responsibility and career education emerge in a context of a society where the importance of the ability to anticipate change, adapt to new circumstances, and invent new business practices is explicit. Career education has been presented as an effective response to the requirements of adaptability, flexibility, and continuing education. This paper is a report on the findings of a study conducted at an international leading food group. Documentary analysis and discourse analysis techniques were used to examine how corporate social responsibility and career education are valued by this international group. The sample of this investigation is composed by the Director of the development area, by the Coordinator and two Social Assistants of the Social Emergency Fund. The success and effectiveness of this international group are marked by ambition, ability to resist difficulties, sharing of values, spirit of unity and team sense. In addition to internal training, it directs investments for external training by promoting actions such as participation in seminars and congresses worldwide and the creation of partnerships in various areas of management with prestigious teaching entities. Findings indicate the creation of a training school, with initiatives for internal and external training, in partnerships with prestigious teaching entities. Of particular note is the Management Trainees Program, developed for more than 25 years, characterized by building a career by obtaining knowledge and skills acquired in the combination of on-the-job experience and a training program.