Awareness of the fact that multilingualism opens doors to new markets and new business opportunities is not an original phenomenon, but the various works produced with a view to its being acknowledged are still little publicized and granted little practical use also. Showing mastery of communicative skills in several foreign languages is always valuable for the market economy, not only in terms of sales and marketing, but also in order to reach new target groups and establish lasting strategic relationships.

The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the studies carried out in this context, focusing in particular on aspects such as the increasingly obvious relationship between in force language practices of a diversified nature and the proper functioning of businesses. Equally important is the mastery of language skills, seen as an important driving force of cross-border cooperation, as well as the development of an emotional culture within the business world, propitious to the implementation of efficient language management strategies, which are clearly beneficial inasmuch as the market economy is concerned.