A. Cortés, E. Barberà

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (SPAIN)
The purpose of this research was to identify factors of success in online learning from students’ perception. A systemic and socio-constructivist model of inputs-process-outputs of learning was used with five learner predictor factors (general self-efficacy, self-efficacy online, motivation, prior knowledge, course expectation), eight institutional predictor factors (learner support, social presence, direct instruction, learning platform, instructor interaction, learner interaction, learning content, and course design) and three different outcome factors (learner satisfaction, knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer). A questionnaire was completed by 198 students from a university in Mexico; the findings suggest that from students’ point of view course design, learning content and prior knowledge were significant predictors of learner satisfaction, knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer. Finding of this research will be helpful for faculty and instructional designers for implementing learning strategies.