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Pages: 2945-2954
Publication year: 2014
ISBN: 978-84-617-0557-3
ISSN: 2340-1117

Conference name: 6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Dates: 7-9 July, 2014
Location: Barcelona, Spain


The Brazilian Federal Council of Physical Education (CONFEF) stood opposite the authorization and operation of Physical Education Courses in distance mode, together with other professional boards of health, in 2011. The present study aimed to reflect and provide counterpoints to the document forwarded by professional healthcare councils to the National Registry of Distance Education, Ministry of Education of Brazil.

We developed a critical rehearsal, combining bibliographic information with philosophic questions about the subject.

The CONFEF underlined three (3) fundamental aspects of distance education, regardless of physical education, which are:
1) access to education in remote regions in a country of continental dimensions,
2) the good results of distance education at post-graduate and its importance in continuing education,
3) the possibility of development of up to twenty (20%) of the content to be offered in courses.

Then, it pointed eight (8) factors that characterize the training in this field of study and professional practice. Demand for facilities and materials was discussed, as well as the conduction of theoretical and practical classes, being the last one, together with the stages, fundamental to the final success in the training process. Following, are presented six (6) notes on the status of GPE distance in Brazil, highlighting the unequal concentrations of courses in different regions of the country, the autophagic competition between Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and the lack of clarity in the division of the specificities of courses, being bachelor or undergraduate. Based on these facts, the CONFEF considers that the GPE in DL format should not be developed in its entirety in Brazil.

On the other hand, Article 23 of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil explains many notes, in which are highlighted:
1) Article 205. The education, right of everyone and duty of the state and the family, will be promoted and encouraged with the cooperation of society, seeking the full development of the person, their preparation for the exercise of citizenship and their qualification for the job,
2) Article 206. Education shall be based on the following principles:
I - equal conditions for access and permanence in school;
II - Freedom to learn, teach, research, and share thought, art and knowledge;
III - pluralism of ideas and pedagogical conceptions, and coexistence of public and private educational institutions;
IV - free public education in official establishments;
V - ensuring quality standards.

The arguments of CONFEF are unconstitutional. Reflections suggest that the physical education courses in the distance are an unique opportunity to access higher education, and that the Brazilian state must assume a leading role in stimulating the development and dissemination of this educational modality , investing in regions and states with greater demand regarding the training of basic education teachers .
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SN - 978-84-617-0557-3/2340-1117
PY - 2014
Y1 - 7-9 July, 2014
CI - Barcelona, Spain
JO - 6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
JA - EDULEARN14 Proceedings
SP - 2945
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