G. Compagno

University of Palermo (ITALY)
The procedure of documenting the teaching allows you to reflect and record any educational practice through a constant work of conceptualization, avoiding the risk of dispersing the fragments of your personal teaching experience.

This implies not only the reference to specific models of writing (or rewriting), but also the use of specific linguistic- communicative tools, (digital and non digital) and, above all, a specialized terminology made of "the words of acted-teaching".

Within this framework it is possible to collocate the educational experience conducted during the Academic Year 2012/2013 at the Faculty of Education, University of Palermo, which involved students of the fourth year of the degree course in Primary Education who attended the lectures of Teaching Methodology for Primary and Infant School.

The experience of recognition and reorganization of documentary and educational practices has covered the timing of the entire course and was divided into 3 phases:
a) the first part of the lecture was focused on the observation of the students’ documentary approach to their school training work;
b) the second phase has provided a more detailed collection of data, pertaining to writing strategies, methodologies and terminology in their possession, through multiple-choice tests, focus groups, textual analysis of logbooks;
c) having identified a series of misconceptions with respect to ‘documentation’, as well as a lack of knowledge of teaching models and instruments for teaching documentation, the third phase has focused on the deconstruction of the false construct and on the subsequent construction of an experimental model of documentation of teaching. Students have documented their school training using the appropriate terminology and the new models proposed and they learned how to articulate this practice into a series of micro-actions, such as reading, analysis, interpretation , elaboration, description, directions, facilitation , transformation.