U. Chundang1, P. Setteechaichana2

1King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (THAILAND)
2Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage (THAILAND)
An educational revolution is considered as one of the important things for developing the country. “Educational technology” is used as a strategy to improve the standard of education. Aims of this research are to find the problems and the need of teachers from using technology in teaching mathematics and to study the roles of technology which influence to the teachers in secondary school level. Three groups of teachers are collected as sample due to their highest chance in accessing to the technologies. Group1 is 124 teachers from Bangkok schools which are located in the top of hundred schools of Thailand in 2012. Group2 is 344 teachers from schools in Bangkok which are not in the top of hundred. And Group3 is 252 teachers from top of hundred schools which are not in Bangkok. From surveying, it is found that most of the problems caused by technology usages occurred in Group2 because those teachers are in schools of medium size or large size which were not supported from any organizations such as Parents and Teachers Association. They did not have enough equipment to use in teaching and students did not cooperate during study in class. This is different from teachers in Group1 who acquainted with using technology. They taught that technologies play the important role in teaching and suggested that technologies could reduce class time. Moreover, students were able to repeat their lessons several times as they like. Most of students have high learning achievements. More than 70% of teachers in Group3 have the possibility to use Technology which is higher than the possibility of teachers in Group2. However, all teachers’ groups need technologies in teaching Mathematics with different levels. They want to be trained about using GSP to create learning media.