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M. Chrzanowski1, U. Poziomek1, S. Żuchowski2, B. Ostrowska1

1Educational Research Institute (POLAND)
2National Library of Poland (POLAND)
The main aim of the study was to compare the meaning of scientific reasoning skills and use of the scientific methods across curricula of selected European countries. This objective was achieved by comparing the Polish science core curriculum at the low secondary school with corresponding documents of the selected European countries. Countries were selected for comparison guided by the results of the PISA survey in parts of Science in 2006 as well as economic status measured by the height of GDP. Similarities and differences have been identified in the content of these documents, with special attention paid to valuable solutions, presented in curricula of studied countries. Selected solutions promoting the acquisition of skills in using the scientific method will be discussed. Findings from this study may be useful not only for science curriculum improvement and perfection but also as a base for other cross-countries studies in which relationship between curriculum content and students’ performance will be evaluated.