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C.H. Chou, J.M. Yang

National Chengchi University (TAIWAN)
Learning is much pain more than playing. When students can learn through a fun way in class, they will have much more enthusiasm. With the proliferation of Internet and interactive technology, game based learning turn into digital game based learning and has more Influence to people with learning needs. Thus, understanding the trends of relative research is very important to the progress of this area. This paper investigates the features of research of learning through playing by conduct a bibliometric analysis. The relative literature is collected by querying the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) and Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-E) of ISI Web of knowledge database. This database can be much easier to collect the game-based Learning literatures in academic papers. Data from citation indexes can be analyzed to determine the popularity and impact of specific articles, authors, and publications. By using the keyword such as game-based learning, digital game-based learning, educational game and edutainment, etc., this study searched the relevant article such as reviews, proceeding papers, corrections, editorial materials, meeting abstracts. The distribution of journal paper was also examined using Bradford’s law. The results will provide the distribution, trends and feature of research relative to learning in games.