The management function needs to be strengthened in the Physiotherapy degree. While Physiotherapy Management studies are becoming more abundant, an educational research regarding the integration of these contents in the degree are very low. Due to the aforementioned, we have established the integration of the FisioWin.NET software in the academic year 2012, which is the first management specific software for physical therapy centers, drawn from the needs arising in daily physical therapy practice.

To describe software integration from the perspective of student assessment and teaching satisfaction.

Research descriptive, observational and cross study in subject “Intervention in the Community and Management in Physical Therapy” which was taught in the third year of the Degree in Physical Therapy (academic year 2011-2012). After a non-probability sampling of convenience, a total of 75 students have participated in this study, with a mean age of 20.49 years (age distribution is reflected in figure 2). The gender distribution is 60 women and 15 men.

The analyzed variables are:
- Degree of fulfillment of teaching objectives behind the development of the use of software (1 to 5, with 1 being "complete failure" and 5 "excellent compliance")
- Assessment of the usefulness of in the professional field of physiotherapy by the students (1 to 5, with 1 being "very low" and 5 "very high").
- Degree of satisfaction with the learning in relation to the development of the subject (1 to 5, with 1 being "very dissatisfied" and 5 "very satisfied").

Data analysis is based on the extraction of basic descriptions using SPSS 16.

- 47% of students consider that the fulfillment of teaching objectives can be classified as "excellent." We believe that following the academic program of the course by students is vitally important to catalogue the fulfillment of such high teaching objectives. However, the teachers of this subject are concerned that 25.3% of students considered the fulfillment of teaching objectives "acceptable".
- Almost 50% of pupils assessed the usefulness of this management program in the field of professional practice as "high" and "very high", primarily in the private sector which involves the free exercise of the profession. Only 13.3% considered it as having an average usefulness.We think that this can be justified by economic rates established for the maintenance and updating of software and the numerous administrative tasks that must often be carried out by physiotherapists which could hinder the use of this program.
- 22.7% of the students were "satisfied" or "moderately satisfied" with the teaching-learning process which involves the integration of this software as a managerial technology strategy. But we would certainly like to emphasize that 66.8% of students are very satisfied in terms of learning and development of the subject, which can lead us to believe that they have lived this teaching experience effectively and efficiently and highlighted the usefulness of its contents, by assessing the role of teachers and the teaching innovation itself positively.

The students’ assessment of has obtained high scores and positivity in the items tested, while the relevance and usefulness of this software is particularly important for their development as managers in Physiotherapy.