T. Cengelci, H. Deveci

Anadolu University (TURKEY)
Social studies is one of the most appropriate course for values education in primary education. It is necessary to train social studies pre-service teachers with competencies to synthesize values education and social studies subjects in harmony in primary education level. This paper sets out to understand the role of values education activities and diaries in developing values education efficacy of social studies pre-service teachers through content analysis of their activity plans and values education diaries. 12 pre-service teachers participated to study who attended the course named Values Education in Social Studies in spring term of 2010-2011 academic year. Document analysis technique based on qualitative research methods was used in the study. The data sources of the study were values education activity plans and diaries of pre-service teachers.

Each pre-service teacher chose a subject from Primary Education Social Studies Education Program and designed an activity plan for the purpose of teaching values regarding this subject. They presented their activities to the classroom as micro-teaching practice with instructional materials. Also, at the beginning of the course they were required to write a values education diary in which they would explain their learning and opinions about the course, and their observations regarding values education in their practice in schools and daily lives. The obtained data were analyzed using content analysis technique. At the end of the analysis, it was seen that pre-service teachers designed activities to teach values as respect for the rights and freedoms in unit Adventure of Democracy, benevolence in unit Our Country and the World, sensitivity to the natural environment in unit Life on Earth, sensitivity to the historical heritage in unit Turks on the Silk Road, diligence in unit Electronic Century which take place in the scope of 6th grade Social Studies Education Program.

They prepared activity plans for the 7th grade Social Studies course on the subjects and values as Communication and Human Relations for teaching respect for diversity, Bridges between Countries for teaching sensitivity, and tolerance; Science in Time for thinking scientifically. In values education diaries, pre-service teachers generally mentioned their expectations from Values Education in Social Studies course, their views about the contents and process of the course, and self-assessment of their micro-teaching experience. Additionally, pre-service teachers explained their views and recommendations regarding values education in primary education and higher education in their diaries.