F. Castro Fernández

University of Castilla-La Mancha (SPAIN)
This work will present a study case of peer assessment, student to student, by means of the appropriate rubric, in a virtual environment based on the learning management system Moodle.

The main aim of this experience is to involve the student in their learning and assessment process, giving them the responsibility for not only producing their own pieces of work but also assessing some of the works produced by their peers.

In order to carry out this work, we used a moodle platform in which we set up a workshop activity. Each of the participants produced and recorded an oral text on a previously determined topic which was later uploaded through the workshop activity in moodle. The platform randomly assigned the recording files to the different students, keeping the their authorship unknown. Every student assessed one of their mates, using a rubric created by the teacher and previously studied in class to make sure everyone understood each of the different parameters in it.

The above mentioned rubric was presented as an online form created with the form tools by google, but embedded in the moodle workshop to give the activity global coherence and facilitate its understanding and development so the student could focus on it and not on hypothetical technical or procedure problems.

We will also describe rubrics, its types and how to create one taking into account our needs and the task we will be assessing.
keywords: ict, rubric, assessment, peer.