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R. Castillo

Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas (COLOMBIA)
This presentation is framed under pre-service and in-service teacher experiences. It draws on reflections on the identity development of teachers in which they develop knowledge and are capable of sharing it with a broad academic community. The author advocates for a continued teacher education that emphasizes inquiry-based teaching practices.

The question to be answered is: How to support the teachers’ competencies that enable them to gather and document their teaching and research experience? In the session a training is proposed taking as a point of departure: identifying goals; the ways of thinking or the intellectual skills teachers want their learners to develop; how classes are run; variety of in-class activities and assignments; teaching effectiveness and evidence of your students learning from their work. In a workshop format the session aims at refining a teachers’ inquiry and at narrating it to make it public.

The session touches upon writing and reporting which require certain steps such as reflection, capacity to consult relevant and authoritative literature and knowledge of the conventions of academic writing, among others. Representative samples of trainee’s productions in the field of education will be discussed as well. As for finding and working on content, allusion will be made to how to use effectively and efficiently academic databases, and digital tools.