In a world with constant evolution, most people choose e-learning solutions in order to combine it with their job. However, the e-learning experience sometimes is far to be like an attendance class. For example, it is evident that a prepared written manual in which are specified explanations and activities, there is no option to expand knowledge clarifying content or doing more activities beyond of what are already written.
In order to solve those and others problems, this contribution presents a new tool specially created to be a new way of e-learning process, creating to the student a platform in Moodle to follow a course. This tool is a new module for Moodle, called "lessontraced", which tries to bring the experience of an attendance class to the students, while adapting to the user’s decisions. This new moodle module uses interactive video-lessons are an adaptative learning tool that supports to the student the possibility to build his/her learning letting him/her to choose what is the next part of lesson to be reproduced. It also gives the possibility to the teacher to modify the structure of the lessons thanks to the statistics that tool is generating automatically while students are using it.

The objectives to be met with the development of this tool is provide to students an experience closer to classes attendance through options that allows them to interact with material supported: moving from one video to another as needed and giving their opinion to the teachers in order to delete less interesting video sequences or add more content where they considered necessary.

First, teachers must to install in Moodle the new module "lessontraced" that has been specifically made for this project. This one is an extension of Moodle standard module “lesson” in which the following changes has been made:
• New fields when a content page is added: video embed code (mandatory) and tags related (optional).
• Included a rating form in each content page. It is used to let students to send their impressions about watched video.
• Automatic recording of all students’ activity: pages visited and rating given.
After installing module, teachers can start with class generation using references to online videos and linking them together using a logical order. They only need to create new activity in their courses and start using it.
Finally, video-lesson is now available for students. During the time of use, students will have the opportunity to evaluate them based on different criteria, leaving some feedbacks stored for later analysis by instructors. Based on this information, teachers can modify the lesson content by adding or removing videos depending of the statistics collected.

On the basis of the results of this research, it’s possible to return some conclusions:
• Being based in the standard module "lesson", is assured the compatibility (from Moodle 2.0 onwards) and the community of users (Moodle users).
• The tool supports any type of video, so it can integrate multidisciplinary content.
• Students can guide their own learning through the tool since they are selecting at any time the sequence of videos to watch.
• And by the teaching staff, it’s possible to have control of what videos are being used and which ones have better acceptance among students.