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Learning through images is a methodology used in early stages of school education. This method uses “the associative mechanism” with which students can associate one image with another that has direct or indirect relationship. At the higher education a new methodology were implemented where students of physiotherapy have to associate certain images to relate contents within the course of kinesitherapy.

The aim of this work was to design and develop several activities for students to better consolidate the knowledge acquired in the practical sessions of the course of kinesitherapy.

Material and methods:
To carry out these activities JClic (JAVA® based) free software have been used. This is a tool that allows teachers to easily create digital educational resources, by designing different objectives. The aim of this work was to collect those activities that could be represented with images and where the visual information was essential. Several videos were recorded while teaching practical contents in the course of kinesitherapy. Then, the team visualized and selected the most suitable frames from the recorded material in order to achieve the learning objectives. Once the frames were selected, the materials were edited with GIMP 2.8 free software and the various activities were developed with JClic.

This paper presents the results obtained with the use of free software, which has involved the design of the following activities:
Activity 1: Identify the errors of the various techniques or manoeuvres.
Activity 2: Select the correct option in a specific situation.
Activity 3: Sort the correct protocol for the physiotherapist.