H.A. Cárdenas Lara, A.S. Salgado Salgado, A. Procopio, R. Magallón, L. Méndez, D. Ortega

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (MEXICO)
The systematic recording of academic activities besides being an important historical reference, are the best tool for academic planning, some would even say it is an indispensable tool.

In this paper we present a brief description of the Digital Magazine "Numeralia Química" ( and made by a multidisciplinary group composed of four people: three Pedagogues, a degree in Library and Information Science, and a Metallurgical Chemical Engineer. It was made at the end of their participation in the organizing group of Latin American Chemistry Conference 2012, held in Cancun, Mexico, by the Chemical Society of Mexico (SQM), in collaboration with the Latin American Federation of Chemical Associations (FLAQ).

The paper presents the results of the databases developed from the records of the participants and all the activities during the Conference CLAQ-2012, which was attended by over 1100 delegates, from 18 countries, with 9 conference plenary sessions, more than 100 conferences in 28 symposia and 940 papers presented.

What stands out in this work is that the systematic recording of the activities of an academic meeting can render an account of the themes and issues addressed, the groups that are working
in these institutions and their participations in the activities of the biggest Latin American Chemistry Conference ever made up to this date and it is an essential tool for academic planning in multiple directions.