M. Cárachová

University of Economics in Bratislava (SLOVAKIA)
Education must be provided in such a form that its results meet the needs of an individual at the present time. The labour market places high demands on the workforce and it is therefore essential for a person to develop his or her knowledge, skills and abilities throughout his or her life and, as a result, to be able to adapt to the existing environment. Each individual's success involves the possession of relevant information. The information in each area is constantly growing and therefore a person's knowledge must increase to be able to keep up. The most successful people take advantage of all the opportunities to acquire new knowledge that will make them more efficient in achieving results. Employers demand practically skilled workers with theoretical knowledge, moral and personality competencies.

Corporate education belongs to further vocational education in the system of lifelong learning. Corporate education is an important tool, as one of many, to keep the company competitive. The importance and the essence of corporate education is addressed in this paper as well.

The notion that the education and training of a person is limited to his/her childhood and youth was overcome a long time ago. Education is now understood as a lifelong process. An important condition for lifelong learning is that everyone really has an opportunity to do so. The goal is to create conditions and educational opportunities for people to feel the need for education and improvement, and also to be able to satisfy their need throughout their lives, including in post-productive age. Since in our society seniors are a group that cannot be overlooked and as the age of life increases, attention should also be paid to issues of the education for seniors. One option is to study at a university of the third age. From the point of view of the pedagogue, the author has the experience with this form of study since she has taught for several years at the University of the Third Age of the Center for Continuing Education of the Comenius University in Bratislava in the field of Computers and Informatisation of the Society.