Oral diseases are considered one of the main public health problems due to their high prevalence and incidence in all regions of the world. They constitute an important problem for the population, which primarily affects the most disadvantaged and socially marginalized people. The main oral problems in the population of university students are dental caries and periodontal disease, followed by malocclusions. They have a high impact on comprehensive health and therefore on people’s quality of life and can be prevented and controlled with simple and economic measures as well as the support of professionals with dental training, in conjunction with the community. Faced with this panorama, the Academic Body "Education, health and oral epidemiology" considered relevant to carry out some of its main researches in the university students from different disciplines of the health area to avoid the bias in the investigation. Since it is considered a vulnerable group their oral health conditions could be improved with timely and preventive actions having an impact on their overall health as they constitute the economically active population in the next 10 to 20 years in the state and in the country.

To improve the comprehensive health of university students through education and oral health care.

A Clinical-Epidemiological study was conducted through active observation. The researcher lays down the conditions in which the phenomena develop. Analytical-longitudinal group study.

The following results were obtained. Fifty-five students were benefited with financial support (scholarships). A dental care module was installed in the Faculty of Communications Sciences and Technologies staffed by students in the Social Service of the Faculty of Odontology. Three articles were published in refereed journals. Eight articles in indexed magazines. Two chapters of a book. Three Memoirs. Thirteen thesis of Degree. Two thesis of Master Degree. Joined a National Research Network in Dentistry. Three awards in research competitions.

A Dental Care Module was installed in the Faculty of Communications Sciences and Technologies of the Universidad Veracruzana, with economical resources of the project in order to improve the public health status of university students. The fact had an important impact on the educational program of Dental Surgeon, due to the creation of four job vacancies to employ Social Service students. In addition, the university community was benefited with the implementation of a Preventive Program of oral health and attention to dental treatments care.