Universidad Veracruzana (MEXICO)
About this paper:
Appears in: EDULEARN13 Proceedings
Publication year: 2013
Pages: 6369-6373
ISBN: 978-84-616-3822-2
ISSN: 2340-1117
Conference name: 5th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Dates: 1-3 July, 2013
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Objective: To consolidate the processes of teaching-research linkage in the health field.
In order to meet significant demand for promoting research projects taking place in a real context and directed to give attention to health problems of students, identified by the Universidad Veracruzana, it has been developed and implemented an innovative educational project for health research.
The project has focused on training students in spaces for the development of research work, based on the relationship with different disciplines, to address the health problems in college students. As a result of that, it is really important for this project, to promote the development of a highly specialized human training in order to cover these current needs and address the challenges of society, sustaining the processes of knowledge generation and its application.
The data from population health diagnosis conducted recently, indicates that the diseases associated with lifestyle (obesity, tooth decay, periodontal disease, addiction to legal and illegal drugs, etc.) found greater expression in groups of young professionals (25-40 age). Similarly this criterion also applies to psychological disorders such as depression, aggression and anxiety, as far as depression is concerned, this is manifested by several factors, but mainly by a steady erosion of motives that guide the behavior and a lack of consolidation of the sense of life, in which the professional and personal development are not abble to enjoy of a feeling of well-being and satisfaction necessary for a good life´s quality.
The challenge for the Universidad Veracruzana is to improve quality of life from the standpoint of self-care for their students and at the same time, to generate research projects that allow a scientific and quality indicators impact.
Educative, Innovation, Research, Linkage, Health.