H. Campos, B. Costa, P. Catarino

University of TrĂ¡s-os-Montes e Alto Douro (PORTUGAL)
In an attempt to search for new approaches to teaching mathematics, music emerges as a facilitator in the learning process, through an interdisciplinary work that can be explored under various aspects, developed in the context of Supervised Teaching Practice in Primary School. Being the classroom an environment conducive to discoveries, is allied to creativity and motivation, proposing to teach mathematics through musical activities.

Being the mathematics associated to the exact sciences and music to the arts, the intention is to relate these areas, revealing the similarities and considering music as an important resource in learning.

As the music is a powerful tool for the integral and overall development of children, it should be introduced in school and, if possible, in an interdisciplinary way with other areas of knowledge, since the music is not just an association of sounds, but one powerful instrument that stimulates the individual and facilitates learning and socializing with those around you.

This work presents a didactic approach using music in the learning of mathematics. Since these two disciplines are treated as isolated fields of knowledge, it is intended to demonstrate that there are similarities in these two areas and that it is possible to provide activities that relate them.

The main objective is to include music in the school context as an interdisciplinary proposal, motivating and enhancing the learning of mathematical concepts.

The activities presented involve these two areas and were implemented in the context of the classroom in Basic Education, aiming to highlight the potential of music as an educational resource in this cycle of studies.