L. Campelo

College Jean Piaget-Santos (BRAZIL)
The technological devices always call attention of digital natives, so it was with the video-game, with computers, iPods, and now are the tablets. The increase in the sale of this equipment in Brazil and the world has caused many schools to introduce tablets as school supplies for students. This article aims to show an experiment on the use of the iPad in a private school. The use of these occurred in the classroom with children and adolescents of different ages, but this article will explore the experience of students in 9th grade of elementary school, in November 2011. To deploy such equipment in the school, some steps were necessary, such as purchase of equipment by the school; selection of apps, where the teachers surveyed applications in Portuguese and English on the subject they are teaching, then studied these applications and create reports how to use them in the classroom, and finally put into practice, using the iPad in class with students. This research aims to contribute to new questions that are emerging in the educational world, for example, how important are the tablets in schools? They are even necessary for the teaching-learning? Students get more involved? This article is not intended to be conclusive, just want to contribute to the debate on the use of tablets in schools, which is already happening in some countries.