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J. Cambil, C. Villaverde

Universidad de Granada (SPAIN)
Healthcare professionals interest about health information on the Internet is increasing. Their profile as users of online health related information is highlighted by a simple design with clear and precise instructions for using websites.

Web usability is described as the perception of how consistent, organized, efficient, productive, easy to use and intuitive is the process of completing a particular task within a system.

So, regulations will be considered on web accessibility and ‘universal design' regarding the management of health information websites for a better orientation of health websites to healthcare professionals.

There are different types of usability tests: automated tests, tests with real users and test with expert users. There are also checklists that can quickly verify the most important elements that a website must comply to certain standards. The website Guia Web 2.0 of the Chilean Government provides recommended guidelines of usability.

The aim of our study is to know the web usability of a sample of Spanish nursing websites with the Usability Checklist of the Chilean Government.