J. Cambil, C. Villaverde

Universidad de Granada (SPAIN)
The World Consortium of the Web4, through one of its working groups -Web Accessibility Initiative or WAI-, is responsible for drawing up guidelines or recommendations for achieving full accessibility to the web. Following, not only will be a web accessible to people with disabilities, but for all users, whatever the system used (PC, mobile, voice browser, etcetera) or the constraints under which it operates, as well as to find any information more quickly.

The CTIC Foundation -Centro Tecnológico de la Información y de la Comunicación- has developed the auto tool ‘TAW, also called `Web Accessibility Test 1.0. TAW is a tool that allows the analysis, information and proposing solutions to the problems of accessibility of a website. It is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0) within the W3C. TAW is the first accessibility tool in Spanish and the most widely used is the national reference point and IberoAmerica (Fundación CTIC, 2008).

To know the (physical) accessibility of a sample of Spanish nursing websites using the TAW tool.

Accessibility assessment of a sample of 259 Spanish Nursing websites.
The TAW system analyzes the page, based on the Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Web content, and generates a report based on the HTML Web page analyzed information on the outcome of the analysis.

According to the tool automatically TAW, the sample is divided into 25 accessible websites, compared to 234 non-accessible. This means that only 9.7% of websites in the sample meet the accessibility criteria of TAW. The vast majority (90.3%) do not meet TAW accessibility criteria.

1.- TAW is a free, valid and easy to handle tool to know the (physical) accessibility of a Spanish nursing website on the Internet.
2.- We consider it is required to improve (physical) accessibility to help users access to Spanish nursing web information.

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