P. Camarena Gallardo

Instituto Polit├ęcnico Nacional (MEXICO)
In this research, is reported a methodology for the design of study programs of basic sciences in engineering studies, in such way that the sciences and society focus are included, showing the link between basic sciences and society and the professor has a clear idea of why each theme included in the program has to be taught. With this basis he can motivate the student, showing him the link between mathematics and engineering subjects, as well as sciences and society. And the professor can know what kind of abilities he can develop in the students, as well as, how mathematics contributes to the overall curriculum for the students integral development.

The methodology for the curricular design of the study programs of the basic sciences in the engineering careers, is founded in the curricular phase of the Mathematics in the Sciences Context theory. In order to fulfill the premise into the educational paradigm frame, an investigation strategy is proposed in three stages (Camarena, 1984, 1988): Central stage, Make a text analysis of the specific engineering courses in order to detect the basic sciences contents, both explicit as well as implicit; Preceding stage, Diagnose the knowledge level of the basic sciences that the students have when they go into the career; Consequent stage, Interview the engineers in practice and researchers engineers about the use of the basic sciences in their professional work, and to establish the sciences and society link.

To validate the methodology, it is applied to an academic program: Communication ad electronic engineering. From this, it is observed that this methodology has an integral character in overall curriculum since it takes into account the internal and external link of the engineering career within the frame of the basic sciences. In fact, the internal link is established between the basic sciences and the subjects of the basic sciences of the engineering, as well as, the application of the engineering itself, originated from the first stage; in other words, the interdisciplinary subjects of the curricular map now are in fact explicit and known by the professors. While the external link is established between the middle superior level and the engineering careers, which came out from the second stage of the methodology, as well as, among the latter with the post grade and the industry, which determines the link sciences and society, given by the third stage.