V. Calvet Rodríguez, E. Marco Serrano, M.O. Valcuende Payá

Polytechnic University of Valencia (SPAIN)
Senior architecture students should learn necessary competences for designing and working out concrete structure. On this area, teaching methodology subject has been changed. Previously, we used to doing a master class, now we choose participative and active method of learning which is projects based learning.

Innovation focuses on basic competence learning of concrete structural design, like: identification of structural elements, analytic design sections of reinforced concrete structural elements, informatics design of reinforced concrete sections and both results comparison.

This project based learning method has next procedure:
(a) choice of the project by each group of students,
(b) analysis of building structure,
(c) analytical design of structure,
(d) design using structure software,
(e) comparison of analytical and computer design results and conclusions.

With this method has ensured that dynamics of learning process is as similar as professional activity. Thus, students develop skills needed for design of project concrete structure.

To sum up, assimilation of new concepts and acquisition of competence is considerably better than with previous master class method. At the same time, others sub-competences are assimilated, like capacity for teamwork and interdisciplinary communication. This is reflected on surveys which show an increasing of students’ satisfaction level. In addition, the average mark of this subject’s section has increased significantly over mark obtained with master class.