M.G. Caligaris, M.E. Schivo, M.R. Romiti, M.S. Menchise

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional San Nicolás (ARGENTINA)
In Analytical Geometry courses, lines, planes, conic sections, surfaces and certain curves in space are studied. To understand the definitions and properties involving such content, students need to handle symbolic and visual representations.

Today, with the increasing use of technology in the classroom, it is important to study the various representations of mathematical objects in very different environments to those used in the past. New versions of GeoGebra, available from, allow to create interactive applications in three dimensions that can be used to illustrate the content that requires a representation in space, in addition to the previous possibilities in 2D.

Applications dealing with lines in the plane, lines and planes in 3-Space, conics characteristics, parametric equations, quadratic and cylindrical surfaces, among others, were prepared. With these tools, the visualization of the concepts taught in the course is facilitated. Working with equations is also proposed.

The aim of this paper is to present some tools designed for Algebra and Analytic Geometry course at the Facultad Regional San Nicolás, developed with GeoGebra. In 2016 these new tools will be presented in class. In previous experiences students were very enthusiastic.