A.N. Cahyono, M. Kharis

Semarang State University (Unnes) (INDONESIA)
Recently, the use of ICT in learning receives much attention, especially the use of mobile devices. ICT can and should be used in integrated learning teaching techniques, curriculum, and assessment.This article presents a result of study with the question: how can the Mobile Social Media Application in Calculus Class build the experiences and social attitudes of students? On the one hand, this study examined the development and use of the application in the calculus lectures in Mathematics Department, Semarang State University, Indonesia. On the other hand, this study was aimed to investigate the implementation of video sharing as part of the course activities. Developed application form is online media that facilitate students and lecture and among students to discuss, collaborate, share experiences, and help each other in learning and solving problems related to the concepts of calculus through video sharing activities conducted anytime and anywhere by using the network. Students in the lecture activity have a positive effect on learning outcomes, experiences and attitudes of students. Skills in using ICT tools needed in life and students must adapt to these technological developments.