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O.A. Burukina1, S.Y. Shchepetova2

1Moscow State Institute for Tourism Industry n.a. Yu.A.Senkevich (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
2The Financial University under the RF Government (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Systems approach has been developing fast enough acquiring more and more apologists and followers. The Bologna Process ideologists and developers with their ideas of life-long learning and ECTS credits transfer proved to be followers of systems approach, too.

Much has been done in the sphere of economic systems analysis; yet, the theory needs more development and when included into University curricula, it seems to lack integrity.

Actually, a seemingly basic and overwhelming course, economic systems analysis is dual as on the one hand it is proper to be studied at the very beginning to let the students get acquainted with systems theory and develop systems thinking in their minds, but on the other hand – it aims at analyzing economic systems and thus requires considerable knowledge in micro- and macroeconomics, regional economics and geopolitics.

The authors offer their own vision of how to use systems approach to teaching analysis of economic systems and how to develop a course of economic systems analysis for the 1st year students who do not have much theoretical basis or learning experience. The offered methodology bases on a concept developed through the major characteristics of the system – integrity, hierarchy and synergism.