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G. Bulatovic, L. Bulatovic, O. Arsenijevic

Fakultet za Menadzment (SERBIA)
At the time of the Internet, unlimited circulation of information in which all media try to give us as many answers as possible, the quality of news and information we receive is especially important. Researchers have established various kinds of measures and statistical procedures in order to understand the content of media credibility. The attempt to improve innovation and to transform the traditional media into modern digital platforms is impossible without a complete understanding of the media credibility. Most researchers agree that trust, fairness, accuracy believability and in depth of information are key elements that create the credibility of all, and on-line media. Understanding and acceptance of credibility as the key factor of media quality is an indispensable factor in meeting the essential social function of media in the field of social communication, selection of information, personal learning and discovering new knowledge. Moreover, it performs the role of a creator and keeper of public space and freedom of speech.