L. Bukalerova, A. Dolzhikova

People's Friendship University of Russia (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The strategic task of control over migration in Russia is a creation of conditions and mechanisms for attracting qualified specialists who benefit the economy in different fields, entrepreneurs and investors, especially on a long term basis.

The problem is that from 3 to 5 million foreign nationals in Russia engaged in labor activities without official permission as it is not easy to get.
For several years by the Federal migration service of Russia, Ministry of education and science of Russia in collaboration with leading Russian universities which are members of the scientific and methodical Association "the Russian test consortium" which includes the peoples’ friendship University of Russia, created new mechanisms and strategies to solve these relevant issues: the requirements, created network of information centers and legal support for migrants, centers of teaching Russian language, history and culture of Russia, schools for migrants. It can be stated that the Russian Federation has developed the institutional state system of testing foreign citizens in different categories.

The laws provide for different procedures of exams admission at Federal and regional levels. Article 15.1 of the Federal law from 20.04.2014 № 74-FZ provides that the list of educational organizations holding an exam in Russian as a foreign language, Russian history and fundamentals of legislation of the Russian Federation approved by the Federal Executive body carrying out the functions of elaborating state policy and normative legal regulation in the field of education.

There are problems of holding the exam in the subjects of the Russian Federation because some organizations are not specialized: private institutions, agency for employment of foreign citizens, public organizations, limited liability companies, schools and others.

These organizations do not meet the criteria established in the Ministry of education of Russia from 29.08.2014 No. 1153: implementation of state-accredited educational programs of higher education to direction of preparation "Philology" and the implementation of additional professional programs in the field of linguistics and (or) history, and (or) jurisprudence; the implementation of additional professional programs in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language, testology; the presence teachers in the state of educational organization related to teaching staff with higher education in areas of training "Philology", "Linguistics", "History", “Jurisprudence”; the presence in the state of educational organization qualified professionals in the field of testology and testing relevant scientific publications and the experience of creating of test materials including test of linguistic teaching workshops and descriptions; etc.

The legislation and the following legal aspects of the exam should be adopted and regulated at the Federal level in the regions to be differentiated at the legislative level categories of foreign citizens, passing a comprehensive exam; to create common controls in the organizations holding a comprehensive exam in the regions and procedures for the comprehensive exam at the regional level; to create common mechanisms of control procedures for the comprehensive exam at the regional and Federal levels.