Z. Brosinger

University of Žilina (SLOVAKIA)
New technologies have brought significant changes in understanding of knowledge and education. Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the field of pedagogy enabling easier communication between a teacher and students, simplifying the process of gaining information, creating all the comfort necessary for studying and scholar work. However, serious problems emerged as besides effects - plagiarism, goggling things instead of studying them, questionable reliability of information, globalization and computerization of knowledge connected with ignorance of facts that cannot be accessed online. In the situation of information overload the main task of pedagogy seems to be to teach critical thinking, intellectual creativity and interest in “alternative” ways of education. It is also crucial to state the true nature of the process of education shifting its meaning from a popular “enjoy yourself” to curiosity, concentration and hard work, inspiration from the past achievements. The main aim of this process is to educate generation able to preserve and develop cultural heritage of the West.