C. Brigas1, P. Tadeu2, J. Batanero3, M. El Homrani4

1Polytechnic of Guarda (PORTUGAL)
3University of Seville, Faculty of Education (SPAIN)
4University of Granada, Faculty of Education (SPAIN)
All students should have the opportunity to participate in all activities promoted and included in the school curriculum. Teachers should aim to promote the inclusion of all students, including students with special educational needs, and ICTs become an indispensable tool that helps all students take an active role in education.

The use of ICTs in the educational context will compensate for the adequacy of students' needs and characteristics. One of the problems that future teachers face in their incorporation into educational practice is to have acceptable levels of training, both in terms of their technological and instrumental knowledge as to their methodological and strategic mastery.

All students should have the opportunity to participate in all activities promoted in schools. It is important for all students, parents and teachers, to create innovative environments to maximize the integration of students with special educational needs. The school must make every effort to meet all the educational needs of the students without impairing their dignity and personality.

The use of ICT in education has transformed the school, when these technologies are available, used correctly represent a great opportunity to improve the inclusion and opportunity of people with disabilities play an active role in school and society. The use of ICT is a real opportunity to create inclusive education and help overcome the obstacles they face in traditional education systems.

The use of ICT becomes an indispensable tool for education, its use will allow access for all people with disabilities to education, information and vocational training.
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