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H. Bozna

Anadolu University (TURKEY)
There is a range of teaching techniques of CLT used to facilitate the speaking skills of learners. Some of those techniques can be listed as role play, dramatization, improvisation, creative drama, and various games. Creative drama is one of the techniques that motivates speaking and helps learners to utilize the language in a meaningful context which makes learning language more fun and meaningful, and fosters communicative competence of learners in the target language. Since creative drama is considered to be a technique which can be included in language teaching, the researcher conducted a study at -Anadolu University, School of Foreign Languages, Turkey- on the use of it in speaking lessons to promote speaking-focused experiences with participation of thirty upper intermediate level students. A variety of creative drama techniques was used for twelve hours-four hours each week- and finally a questionnaire to get the students’ perceptions on the use of creative drama in speaking courses was conducted. Analysis of the questionnaire shows that the study has had a positive effect on students’ speaking skills. The findings and their implications will be discussed in detail.