L. Bouabdallah1, A. Nani1, N. Nani2

1University Setif (ALGERIA)
2Psychology in Algiers’s University (ALGERIA)
In this paper we’ll present our study result which is a software that helps professionals on the engineering training programs systemically, it’s the SETP « Systemic Engineer of Training Programs ». This software is necessary in order to ensure an acceptable degree of internal and external consistency across all of the stages, from the planning to implementation and evaluation. This work is based on the following question: How to benefit from systemic modeling techniques to develop software that assists training programs engineering?
To answer the study question; the heuristic method was adopted in the implementation of systemic modeling required for the preparation of an explicit model of the relationships and entanglements of the training program engineering system in order to contribute in improving decisions about the conduct of the training programs.
The current study result is the systemic engineer of training programs (SETP), this software was developed to preserves the systemic nature of the information as much as possible across all of action stages.