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Pages: 5015-5022
Publication year: 2015
ISBN: 978-84-606-5763-7
ISSN: 2340-1079

Conference name: 9th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Dates: 2-4 March, 2015
Location: Madrid, Spain


E. Bossio1, C. Rizzuti2

1University of Calabria (ITALY)
2Conservatory of Music ‘Giacomantonio’ - Cosenza (ITALY)
In this paper, we present an edutainment junior school setting based on the construction of artefacts and manipulation of digital contents (electronic device, sound, and music) connected to Superstrings’ theory. To make attractive the study of this complex topic of Physics we have used mixed methods in order to adapt each approach to the issues addressed. To intrigue students towards this difficult subject, often very demanding to understand for a non-expert, it was considered appropriate to set up lectures, discussions and debates and finally also workshops for the practical realization of artifacts. The experiment was conducted on a group of 20 students who have learned the theory of Superstrings first through traditional methods. Then the students have been guided by the teacher to build metaphorical representations of superstrings. A model has been created by building a cube with the side of 1 meter length that symbolized the surrounding space in which the strings vibrate. On this structure, thread of different size have been placed from one side to the others to create a reticular structure representing the superstrings. On some of this threads were placed motion sensors connected to an Arduino board controlling a software for real time sound synthesis. This set up allows to generate sounds and melodies by touching and moving the threads and the structure. The students were able to interact and play with this simple model representing the superstrings; by make the strings vibrating they were able to ear the sounds and the melodies generated in real-time by the sound synthesis software. Students were also guided to create superstrings model by using wire. Finally, these models have been hung on the threads of the structure to provide a representation the concept of nesting and coexistence of many different dimensional scales in the multidimensional spaces that characterizes the superstrings. By this way an advanced scientific topic have been explored both from a theoretical point of view and, through a metaphorical approach, also in a practical and interactive manner. The use of this interactive installation allowed to lower the level of abstraction of the topic by making audible what is not visible. Ex ante, in itinere and ex post tests showed how this approach for the study of science is both effective and as well fun.
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AU - E. Bossio AU - C. Rizzuti
SN - 978-84-606-5763-7/2340-1079
PY - 2015
Y1 - 2-4 March, 2015
CI - Madrid, Spain
JO - 9th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
JA - INTED2015 Proceedings
SP - 5015
EP - 5022
ER -
E. Bossio, C. Rizzuti (2015) MULTI-SENSORY ACTIVITIES FOR TEACHING PHYSICS, INTED2015 Proceedings, pp. 5015-5022.