M. Borys, M. Laskowski

Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
Speaking of current trends using fashion notions, gamification is the new black. Adding game elements and mechanics to the process is said to be a wonderful panacea for low user involvement, especially in case of tasks considered boring or routine for an average user. There are numerous papers in literature describing the use of gamification in didactics, urban behavioural change or in logistics, although those examples do not cover all of the implementations. One of the underresearched fields of gamification are finance-based applications, where user involvement and loyalty should be truly valued.

Gamification in e-banking – a case study:
Considering financial services, e-banking is a pretty natural choice for gamification purposes, as it is already computer-based, its users are usually in the outpost of new technologies and are electronically-aware. Therefore, authors decided to look into the gamification of one of the e-banks: how it is perceived and if it can be used to change the user’s behaviour in a way desired by the game architects and the bank itself.

Survey and experiment:
The main goal of this paper is to determine how gamification affects user’s behaviour while working with e-banking computer system. In order to do so, a survey was conducted on a group of 32 e-bank clients which were surveyed about the gamified elements they came across while working with their e-bank account. The privacy aspects of applying gamification into e-banking were also researched and analysed. The pros and cons of the researched gamification based on survey results were also analysed and discussed.