L.G. Borrego 1, E. Caballano-Infantes 2, P. Sánchez-Núñez 2, D.E. Di Zeo-Sánchez 2, B. Delgado-Martín2, C. Sánchez-Gómez2, I. Brichette-Mieg 3, J. Terrón-Bautista 4, A.D. Marrero 2

1Université de Lyon 1 (FRANCE)
2Universidad de Málaga (SPAIN)
3Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Málaga (IBIMA) (SPAIN)
Innovation in teaching is fundamental to improve the quality of learning. One of the most recent strategies used is the Game-based Learning (GBL). GBL is recently up-to-the-minute in the field of education and training, thanks to its observed potential to make learning more motivating and engaging [1]. It consists on the use of games to facilitate learning. It is being applied not only in primary, secondary, and high schools but also at university [2].

In this work, we analyse the performance in scientific publications of GBL in the last twenty years (2001 to 2020) based on results from Web of Science (WoS). To make it, we employ the VOSviewer, a tool which let us to visualize bibliometric networks [3]. Thus, we set to examine the geographical precedence of the most important articles as well as the institution responsible for their publications. Likewise, we explore the leading authors in GBL in the world so as new researcher collaborations may take place. Finally, a co-authorship analysis has been made.

From this study, we conclude that Dr. Baltasar Fernández Manjón, from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, is the researcher with the best co-authorship network in the field of GBL. However, Gwo-Jen Hwang, from the National Taiwan University of Science of Technology, has the greatest score of cited author. Regarding to the organizations, the National Central University from Taiwan is the strongest one in co-authorship, while the National Taiwan University of Science of Technology remains the most cited organization. Finally, taking into consideration the contribution by countries, England is the best co-authorship linker while USA counts with the highest number of cited references.

To sum up, GBL is a highly trendy in Europe, America and Asia. Many authors are publishing in this field with high citations and great co-authorship links.