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T. Boronat, D. Garcia-Sanoguera, L. Sánchez-Nacher, O. Fenollar, R. Balart

Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN)
The process of implementation of the new university degrees is currently been performed. This provides a great opportunity for university Lecturers in order to bestow new teaching methods which allow a greater involvement of the students and also concede the use of new teaching tools. The implementation process of the new degrees is being done gradually and parallel to the extinction of previous ones. Students who failed course of study of extinction degrees in previous years are faced with the issue that the subjects have no teaching. The framework and communication between teachers and students in these subjects is reduced to tutorials. In order to facilitate the teaching-learning process it is vital to use virtual tools to improve the knowledge transfer and the communication between teachers and students in a non-face to face environment. In this communication it is presented a study of the subjects where the above signing are responsible in order to find out the students preferences about the virtual teaching tools and the possibilities to overcome these subjects.