A. Borek

Jagiellonian University (POLAND)
Evaluation of student learning is a challenge for every education system. Evaluation in many countries is used to this end. However, can evaluation not only measure, but also strengthen the exisiting quality or create new quality of learning processes?
I would like to focus on the presentation of the process and results of internal and external evaluation implementation in schools and institution in the whole Poland, in the framework of the pedagogical supervision reform. This process has a legal basis. The reform aims at creating a supervision system which genuinely supports schools’ development and makes running educational policy in Poland easier. This project carried out since 2009 and until 2015, 800 evaluators, 23600 principals of schools and other educational institutions, and 3000 teachers will be prepared for the evaluation process. Considering the scale of the report, its systemic nature, the use of standardized research approach in the whole country, especially introduction of Internet platform, through which external evaluation is carried out, it is possible to draw conclusions valid for the whole country (now the Internet platform contains responses from 100000 students, 60000 parents, 50000 teachers, reports are publically accessible on the webpage of the pedagogical supervision Project).
Evaluation in Polish system of education was designed as developmental evaluation of individual schools and the whole system. From perspective of authors of this system (I am co-author of the system of the external evaluation and I prepare teachers and principals of schools for internal evaluation) it is important to what degree evaluation meets the assumed goal, which is development of processes of student learning.
After 3 years of experience in systemic introduction of evaluation, two questions arise:
• To what extent does evaluation really strengthen processes of student learning in Polish schools?
• How does it affect processes of student learning?
These considerations will be illustrated by the results of the first three thousand and four hundred evaluations carried out in Polish schools and institutions, by the results of meta-evaluation, and by the results of ex-post evaluation.